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About Us

A Latinx-owned business, KGB Reserve is Co-Founded by Mike and Derrick. They met in 2011 during a cannabis conversation in Oakland California where the two friends operate their distribution and manufacturing companies today. Collectively they draw upon their 45 plus years of cannabis experience, knowledge and friendships to serve as the foundation of our brand. With a select team of cannabis professionals, connoisseurs, and straight up enthusiasts we create a truly memorable cannabis experience.

As a luxury cannabis brand that sources all of our ingredients, KGB Reserve has one main focus: the consumer experience. KGB is an acronym for Killer Green Bud, a piece of cannabis slang from our high school years and the main ingredient for our artisanal products. Hand crafted, small batch production illustrates our commitment to a standard of excellence in every product we produce. Our promise is super-premium, top shelf, whole flower as the main ingredient every single time.

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